This weekend is designed for you who wish to gain access to your Bio Computer and be able to create upgrades for yourself, your friends, family or even start a new career. Your body functions on all levels just as a modern computer does, and this course delivers to you your owners manual and opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Bart is a Master Teacher in the Yuen Method having trained directly under Dr Yuen. He was one of the first students to attain that rank and was asked by Dr Yuen to open all of Europe to introduce this innovative technology of healing. Bart went on to train over 400 therapists abroad. His skill in delivering, deciphering and teaching this very in-depth technology in a way that is simple and fun has won him great acclaim all over the world.

  • Learn how to work on yourself and others in person or remotely
  • eliminate pain on the spot
  • resolve karmas and ancestral influences
  • improve circulation-digestion-endurance and flexibility
  • regeneration and rejuvenation/longevity
  • strengthen yourself to, and eliminate, environmental toxins


Bart delivers over 20 years experience teaching Chinese Energetic

Medicine(CEM) combining it with foundations in Taoist Internal Arts and 30 years training with wonderful masters in many traditions. He has regenerated his own Body – Mind – Spirit from serious physical trauma and assisted over 35,000 others worldwide to achieve better health, business, career choices and relationships. In the energy field created by the group, Bart works directly if you wish, or on the group in general and guides you In practice to ensure your ability to achieve results-not just think you might some day!


This is an invaluable tool for everyone as it puts you in the driver’s seat being able to clear and strengthen yourself from environmental toxins, eliminate trauma, pain, improve relationships, end addictions, increase and expand money flow and much much more.Not a day goes by without being able to use this for myself and others.Extremely grateful to be invited to work in the USA again and look forward to meeting you.”