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“I’ve been working with Bart for over a year with amazing success. He has the upmost ability to tune in and make miraculous changes to who ever he is working on. I came to Bart with many personal issues including debilitating Lyme disease, depression and anxiety. I recently attended his TRUE ABUNDANCE workshop in LA and couldn’t believe what I got out of it. My deep seeded patterns of associating love and success with heart ache and suffering came to light and it is now literally non existent! I have more happiness, energy, wellness, confidence, connection and much love to give then ever before. I feel upgraded and blessed now to be alive! Bart has cleared the path for me …. including an activated love life which was non existent for several years. I am eternally grateful to this amazing Shaman. He is also one of the most down to earth, unassuming and loving humans I know!
Thank God for Bart!”

Paula Stein, Award winning film editor, Santa Monica, CA
This is not about the world and how to receive Abundance from the world… it is about becoming your true self and from this vantage point, receive your best and highest good on all levels.

Being at this critical time of our global transformation, each of us has the opportunity to take a more active responsibility in our thinking and attitude to make deep shifts in our age old limiting belief patterns to help support and usher in the collective soul change that is occurring.

“I have recently taken my 2nd True Abundance course and had completely different experiences than the first time. I was actually amazed at the unraveling of yet other core issues and patterns that were locked and protected in my system that were huge roadblocks in other areas of my life.

If you are taking it for the first time or repeating it, with the upgrades Bart has been through himself recently, I know that the level of my unwinding from unconscious patterns was extraordinary, beyond anything I was expecting. Because of the huge shifts I had the first time and the way my life has been unfolding, this time, because I was in a very different place, the onion was able to peel to a place of deeper knowing, connection and freedom to experiencing Presence. I gained greater awareness and tools for taking action and releasing trigger moments and opening to greater perspectives.” Bhimi


YOUR abundance is fed by more than

just goals and intentions!


Shifting humanity from the old “memetic” codes that have destroyed millions of human beings and entire species of animals and plants — and replacing them with the new codes for a peaceful, just, abundant and sustainable world is how we re-establish our true wealth and prosperity.

Effortless and free, expansive and knowing. These states of being are our birthright.


This remarkable, transformational course has been delivered in 5 countries, in 4 different cultures since it’s creation over 12 years ago. Through time and experience and from its inception True Abundance has been heralded as life changing.


Bart will be working directly with each of you…

Simple but Powerful Processes to:

Clear generational limitations and Karmic interferences

Untangle yourself from old mental concepts and limitations

Receive personal coaching and general relationship tools

Gain Confidence while eliminating confusion and fears

Discover and redefine misinformation, missed information and unknown experiential influences

Become your own best friend and authority

Open to knew levels of potential

The course is right for you if:

You know you are not living full on emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

You are ready to put your Abundance on auto-pilot and step into the exquisite perfection of aligning yourself with the universal rhythm of Nature’s harmony.

You ever think that you are missing out on opportunities.

You felt like time is running out to get your life to the next level to live your full potential.

You been frustrated at not having more than enough resources for the needs of daily living.

You are tired of having blocks or negative influences that hold you back.

You have felt trapped in the care-taking of daily family needs.

You would like to redesign your unconscious thought processes that are deeply embedded from your past.

All our issues and challenges are from our thoughts that are generated from places known and also unknown. The processes in this workshop will shatter the glass ceiling of illusion that have kept you bound to old stigmas and unproductive habits.


JAN 26-27 FRI / SAT
TIME: Fri Nite – 7:30-9:30pm
Sat – 9:30 – 6:00pm


YES! I want to invest in Myself and attend this life-altering course!



“My Wellness Center has never been as busy during Ramadan and now in our slow period we are packed. After Bart’s True Abundance I saw all my clients that came shift and their families too. I had a relative which was never available, always critical and demeaning contact me and ask to go into business with me. Our whole relationship changed. I just had my staff take the latest True Abundance and WOW, what a shift. Connections and freedom in our team have increased like a 180 degree shift.”



“Bart masterfully cleared things up and exposed the root to feelings and attitudes which blocked me since teenage years. I have a whole new relating to the world and am now free to move toward what I want, not what I think I should do and or, could never do. Thanks Bart, See you in Ireland!”



“After many life traumas and a fear of the future, I was introduced to Bart. I have seen Bart for a group healing session and a True Abundance course with my husband. This course opened up a vulnerability of realization and awakening of traits; not only my own traits, but as I came to find out, behavioral and genetically inherited traits. This journey has made me face and recognize walls of false security that I had built for ‘survival’. It helped me to knock these walls down, to cut the traits, surrendering me to vulnerability to feel and acknowledge my fears and realize their falseness. It has also armed me with tools, to enable me within a transition shift, to clear a healthier path forward, with more realism, mindfulness and gratitude of the here and now; where I can honesty say I feel freer, securer, calmer and more knowing, in so many ways. I am very grateful to Bart for his true care, energy, compassion, empathy, time and guidance.