Bart’s Action Guide Blueprint

A step by step foundational system of remarkable, basic techniques that will teach you how to work on all levels of your energetic system for improved health.


These techniques will enhance and revitalize your natural, intuitive abilities to bring vitality & well-being not only to yourself but to others & even animals.

Bart’s energy blueprint is geared to re-balance and instigate the body’s powerful self-healing. You will feel empowered by taking charge, using your inner wisdom and fostering a renewed liveliness for your own wholeness.

If you truly want to learn how to work with the body’s energies in a multi-faceted approach and transform unconscious habits of the body and mind, then this proven system is designed as your solution.

  • You will uncover the natural ways in which you can create different levels of healing.

  • You will awaken deeper abilities beyond your now limited identity.


The ignition and activation that Bart offers in this program is so you can tune into your own innate abilities. Bart is a super connector for you to your own shamanic internal wisdom.

dimensional person

Are you ready to wake up from the trance of old, out-dated patterns that no longer serve you?


Curiosity and openness in your life lays the foundation for working in the expansion of the shamanic way. Bart’s intention along with your intention is to renew your catalytic power and reconnect deeper to the Spirit realms. That Attention sets the stage for growth from the known to the unknown, from the unseen to the seen.


In this 1.15 hr Digital package, you receive 7 videos, 4 pdfs and 1 MP3. You will find that Bart’s easy to learn, basic “self-healing” program offers profound techniques that will embed in your consciousness and become part of your natural expression. That expression will help stabilize peace, vitality and harmony in your life and your loved ones.


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If you were going to run a marathon, you would be out everyday training, so it is with tapping into your gifts of healing. If you want to develop your innate healing abilities, this simple system will deliver you that opportunity.



Video Introduction

  • Starter program that opens the door giving you steps to experience as well as the ability to make powerful upgrades in your life and your loved ones…animals too!
  • Results can be immediate and profound as your own ability to access the forgotten universal knowledge will more strongly flow through you
  • Step by step system (PDF) is one of the most simple, fast and effective Healing methods available today with NO side effects.

Module 2: Guided Meditation for Balance & Clarity

  • Discover how to build the strong foundation of Centered-Balanced-Stabilized and NEUTRAL (CBSN) to actualize the healing work on yourself, friends and clients.
  • Gain neutrality as the Key to implement these techniques that are based on the ancient principles founded in Chinese Medicine and martial arts for personal or professional transformation.
  • Increase your abilities to receive vital information (inner guidance) effortlessly while eliminating confusion, doubt and dis-ease. Restlessness, anxiety and endless yearning are quelled in the fires of authenticity from the inner alignment to Spirit.
  • Accessing universal and cosmic energies to build real and substantial inner power guided by spirit, not the intentions of others or programs from your past.

Module 3: Basic course

  • This video shows you how to use the charts (PDF) provided in a step-by-step visual instruction to identify the source of the problems.
  • Explanation of how to use your own bio computer to heal yourself and/or others.
  • Techniques you can use quickly and effectively in a matter of moments anywhere, anytime to bring your vibration to Neutrality where Healing occurs
  • Learn the power bases that create the basics of the healing system and examples of how to use it to take away pain on any level …physical -mental-emotional-spiritual.

Module 4: Basic Healing

  • Learn the specific applications of the healing system.
  • You will be able to unblock negative energies and remove pain
  • Bridge the gap by cultivating and connecting with your inner power to live the higher principles
  • Unblock yourself for abundance, wealth and success.
  • Discover what energetic blocks are standing in the way of what you want.
  • Delete triggers and retriggers that weaken you and stop your forward momentum by keeping you locked into the past.

Module 5: Pet Healing

  • Video 1- Simple diagnosis and relieving symptoms for pets. They are angels in our lives and sources of unconditional love. Learn how to relieve pain or distress.
  • Video 2- See an actual demonstration with a dog named Scouty who has a phobia with guns. You will witness how the pet owner’s issues become the pets issues. A pet naturally develops empathy for their owners illnesses and can take them on. By rewiring this empathy circuit, the pet can recover within minutes in some cases. Learn how to take away pain from your pets and help them through psychological issues, infections, emotional upsets and much more.
  • Video 3-Overall Review + PDF of Pet Healing chart questions to determine challenge.

These techniques are able to work for you all day, every day, and even while you sleep. You actualize in real time what has been only in the realm of esoteric teachings. You speak and connect directly to spirit and the spirit in others building confidence and authentic expression that guide the realignment of harmony on all levels.


You also learn a foundation to the The Yuen Method which is grounded in steadfast RESULTS. This path is compatible with all Paths because it is YOU and your Bio Computer who is in charge!

Bart Smyth With his Taoist Martial Arts background of over 40 years, he has learned from great masters in a lineage and path that have evolved him to the mastery of where he is now. This inherent mastery is a value that Bart shares readily in his courses. With over 25 years of working with clients on 5 continents, he has great insight into the programming of how our dilemmas take hold and create challenges. His ability to “see and listen” is the power beyond the physical third dimension reality and is an intuitive skill that Bart is sharing and teaching in this series.



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