Is there any place you feel out of sorts, disconnected, anxious, hopeless, fearful?

Internationally renowned Shamanic Healer, with 44 years in Martial Arts and 30 years in the Healing Arts, Bart Smyth holds the titles, Master Practitioner/Instructor of The Yuen Method (since 1996), Medicine man ordained by the Shipibo tribe in Peru, Grand Master of Tai Chi, QiGong, and is certified in Thai Shiatsu, Hansa Shiatsu, Massage, Reiki, Abayanga Massage and Neuro Muscular Movement. He combines and blends these technologies fulfilling a wide range of client issues. Bart has assisted well over 40,000 people worldwide in clearing chronic and debilitating conditions as well as coaching and consulting. His mastery is in simplicity combined with timing, intuitive guidances and the ability to give clear feedback.

These feelings linger in our cellular structures and cause imbalances in our health and well being.  Outer change and inner change go hand in hand.  The fields of unconscious patterns and karma have emotional residue in our system and in the collective.  These healing calls help to shift and release those fields of upheavals and wounds that have held us back.

If you REALLY want to transform in a way that frees up stuck patterns, then Bart’s Shamanic healing call can give you a jump start for more peace, love, light and harmony to cleanse and weave a healthy reality.​

To Dial into this call please use one of the following numbers:

Australia – (08) 9520 3110    Ireland – (01) 437 0588
Austria – 0820 444599          Lithuania – (8-5) 207 8094
Austria –0820 987601           Netherlands – 020 262 1918
Belgium – 02 808 76 34        Poland – 22 116 86 89
Canada – 867 292 3030        South Africa – 087 195 0685
Finland – 09 74790416         Ukraine – 089 320 2487
Germany – 0211 95987102   United Kingdom – 0330 777 1307
Hungary – (1) 848 0439        United States – (605) 475-2874

When prompted for the access code enter this: 5052489

If you are unable to access the call please hang up and follow the prompts again as this tends to solve any issues.

Upon registration you will be sent a CONFIRMATION EMAIL, which you must confirm in order to receive the call in information. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see it in your regular email.

September 2017 Conference Call