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Have you tried everything to get your prized animal to behave and nothing has worked?

Was your horse injured and it hasn’t fully recovered?

Are your horse and rider at odds for no apparent reason?

You’re in luck!


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There is a safe natural solution to restore your horse to its former glory and have them behave the way you want.

Bart Smyth is a renowned international healer from Sweden. His clientele spans four continents and he works wonders on animals to clear chronic and debilitating conditions and behaviorable problems including:

  • Refusing jumps
  • avoiding stalls
  • shying, bolting and pulling
  • Rearing and bucking
  • Rushing fences
  • Cold-back during mounting
  • Evasion of the bit
  • Rolling under saddle
  • Grunting and groaning
  • Fatigue
  • Tripping
  • Unresponsiveness or reluctance
  • Pain-related issues

Bart Smyth has over 30 years in the healing arts and holds the titles of Master Practitioner/Instructor of The Yuen Method and he is also certified in Thai Shiatsu, Massage, Reiki, Abayanga Massage and Neuro Mascular Movement. If nothing has worked for you, its time to try Bart’s Multidimensional Healing System.

Please contact Ben: 310-961-0194 to discuss the possibilities.







This older horse, Cooper, could barely stand and had been laying down for days and would labor profusely to stand up. In less than 30 min, he was up and began walking around. Bart worked on him another 45 min session and his condition has kept improving to this day. Cooper energetic and happy running around in his pasture with other horses.

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