TWO of Bart’s “Signature Courses”
“The Art of Connection & True Abundance”
together in ONE Weekend!

Atlanta is thrilled to be hosting this first time ever super packed program!
Be prepared for an extraordinary weekend opportunity to deepen and open up new possibilities and adventures for your life to UPGRADE.
We live in a time when we are called to “truly connect”—to each other, to nature, and to our own deeper purpose.


Everything in life is about Relationship


You are never at anytime NOT in relationship to something….Whether it’s your mate, children, friends, boss, co-workers, pets, nature, and of course YOUR Self.


As we face unprecedented challenges in our modern age, each of us will have the chance to become a source of light and healing in our world by forging new pathways for our human existence.


More than ever, our Connection to our Abundance and to the voice of our heart is needed for our own growth and for that of the planet.


This is not about the world and how to receive Abundance from the world… it is about becoming your true self and from this CONNECTION vantage point, receive your best and highest good on all levels and stages.


Bart will address the deeper wounding that is energetically bound up in your conscious and unconscious mind which effects every relationship you have. This focus is KEY to unwinding patterns that are STUCK.


Living fully is about accessing YOUR authentic freedom to express and grow, in all relationships! With this knowledge, past relationships heal and all are forgiven. Limiting beliefs and trauma disappear, however, we don’t actively focus on it.


You’ll gain confidence, ease, curiosity as you will undeniably sense these energies as they move in and through you during the course, the weeks that follow, and longer…. as this does not wash off!


Each person works one on one with Bart for TWO sessions up to 1 hour each. This alone brings extraordinary results, and, by being present to others as they work, an alchemical transformation occurs as you will have many AHA moments! The group energy is part of the alchemical process as You are immersed and filled with wonderful realizations and upgrades!


Combining BOTH courses is an adventure in self discovery where you realize that in each moment, you have related and responded perfectly. Often unknowingly throughout your whole life!


This workshop can restore or heighten your fundamental interconnectedness to You, your community, nature, the natural rhythm of life.

Effortless and free, expansive and knowing.
These states of being are our birthright.


Discover a deeper level of trust and forgiveness of yourself and others.
Discover more about yourself than what may seem possible in just 2 days!


Bart will be working directly with each of you…


Simple but Powerful Processes to:


  • Become your own best friend and authority
  • Open to knew levels of potential & adventure
  • Clear generational limitations and Karmic interferences
  • Gain Confidence while eliminating confusion and fears
  • Untangle yourself from old mental concepts and limitations
  • Receive personal coaching and general relationship and intention tools
  • Discover & redefine misinformation, missed information & unknown experiential influences


Welcome to a weekend of total enhancement and empowerment as Bart brings all his gifts & talents to this new course.




Blended into this program will be powerful, core strengthening Qi Gong exercises during breaks!

A value of $125

You receive two private calls* with Bart afterwards. First call is 30 minutes and the second is 15.

A value of $225

*These follow up calls are to ensure ease and clarity as you integrate the results gained from this life-altering course.


This course is highly interactive and with very deep PERSONALIZED processing with Bart and therefore has


YES! I want to expand and deepen my life experience
on all levels!

The Art of Connection & True Abundance


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