How to have communicative, respectful, drama-less, passionate, fun and exhilarating freedom in all relationships, so you can have the energy to fully experience YOUR life without imposed limitations.


  • Are you managing yourself in relationships with others…worried what they think?
  • Do you feel an imbalance in your relationships, be they private or business?
  • Do you sense the possibility of more joy, freedom and expansion, but its out of reach?
  • Are you feeling disconnected and not understood?
  • Are you in any dysfunctional relationships?


Everything in life is about Relationship. You are never at anytime NOT in relationship to something….Whether it’s your mate, children, friends, boss, co-worker, pets, nature, and of course YOUR Self.

heart conn 3

It’s all about “HOW” you are in relationship.

Ask yourself these questions….
Do my relationships reflect my most important core values?
And am I living from my most important core values?


This signature program addresses the deeper wounding that is energetically bound up in your conscious and unconscious mind which effects every relationship you have. This focus is KEY to unwinding patterns that are STUCK.

  • If you feel fear of standing in your own power…
  • If you are disappointed, exhausted and drowning in overwhelm and confusion…
  • If you continually think looping and worried thoughts that keep you lonely or in a negative space…
  • If you have studied and processed for years however, your life is not reflecting the richness of relationship with a partner, your kids, friends…
  • If your heart and your brain are struggling and creating stress so you don’t have clear guidance…


What do you say to yourself when you hear the words ‘love yourself’?

Discover the roots of your personal self-sabotage to release those triggers so you can BE FREE to navigate your expanding self-expression in Love and Harmony!

YOU sense that a change is needed and coming. You have tried many avenues like reading books, counseling, workshops, courses and even psychics. And while you have experienced some improvement, in certain moments you still feel trapped and can’t quite put your finger on it. And how do you know this? Because what you want to see uplift and transform is not showing up in your life.


If you are ready to be courageous to rediscover and claim your power and secure your upgraded expression of YOU….then Bart invites you to join him in what promises to be a sizzling weekend Intensive. This workshop is non-invasive, effective and fun.

Space is limited to only 20 people.

  • Martyr and victim positions are replaced with curiosity and the power to make self serving choices
  • Ancestral beliefs, imprints and struggles are exposed and deleted from your programming
  • Connection to self is realized and deepened relieving pressure and doubt
  • Eliminate the power behind protection behaviors
  • Unconscious sabotage becomes a non issue


Each participant will work 1 on 1 with Bart* and the momentum of each 1 on 1 builds strength and connection for the group. At various intersections of the process, you will break into groups to share new insights and more.

Ease and confidence naturally expand whereby living from your heart-centered connection solidly increases.

Internal comfort, joy and positive expectation become as unstoppable as the unseen blade of grass, which bursts through a solid concrete slab, once we deepen our connection.

*Working with Bart individually and in a group, is a multi-dimensional happening as he is engaging energetically on many levels to assist in your healing.


Imagine being able to access your childlike wonder in all relationships and Living Your Life in Awe.



A story from a woman in Norway….

A woman came to the workshop with acute opposite sex phobias which had kept her from speaking to the men for over 30 years. She had been attacked and almost killed in Norway by a man who had raped and committed murder with his victims. She was the only one who had survived. After that, she was only attracted to the women in social or private meetings. She could not even have a casual conversation with men. In all those years, she had collected a massive amount of rocks all over her house.

After the Art of Connection, she found herself the next day talking with a man her age at the bus stop. She experienced a flow and calm exchange, void of fearful thoughts. This began a process of opening that lead her to clearing out all those rocks she had piled up for the thirty years after this attack and having friendly relationships with men.

This is an extreme example of how we can unconsciously organize our world to protect ourselves. There are so many stored emotions in all of us. Even an embarrassing moment can have similar effects, just not so dramatic, yet similarly limiting our experience.

If you are feeling disillusioned with how YOU and your relationships are showing up. Imagine clearing the imprints which step by step and year after year have been solidly embedded as limitations. YOU will discover techniques and processes to become fully empowered to rekindle and deepen your inspired connection to YOU.