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Bart Smyth is a Master Practitioner of over 30 years in various Eastern and Indigenous philosophies, cultures and spirit ways as well as the popular Yuen Method. He was solely responsible for bringing this entire body of work to Europe for Dr. Yuen, where Bart trained over 400 therapists. He is also a Grand Master of T’ai Chi/QiGong and holds certificates in Thai and Hansa Shiatsu, Massage and Neuromuscular/Sports therapy.

After serious injuries from a car accident, Bart’s life shifted from owning a successful architectural design/contracting company in San Francisco to working internationally as a transformational teacher and healer. As many healers have serious crisis situations in their lives, that is what happened for Bart. A car accident was the turning point for his life.

In 1987, he began healing his physical and emotional life training with shamans in Central and North American traditions, as well in the Amazon. After many extremely, intense years he was guided to study in Peru. There he met Don Benjamin of the Shipibo tribe. After many years of work, Bart was initiated as a ‘medicine man’ by Don Benjamin in 1998. This initiation was after more then a decade of diligent and continuous, integrative studies.

Bart began sharing this knowledge in 2001. In addition to those traditions, Bart studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, I-Chuan and a mixture of other martial arts since the age of 13.

One of his bolder trainings is an Adventure Trip where he works with the elements combining the Yuen Method, Life Purpose(Precision of Vision Series), movement therapies, equine trainings and other learning methods as well art, music, comedy and great food.

Most of Bart’s healing work is done remotely, while he travels extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Dubai and the USA.

His influence over the last 2 decades plus spans over 4 continents. He created and evolved his teachings from his own personal crisis circumstances into a highly effective set of his own trainings, consulting and techniques.

From all walks of life and social strata, he has assisted over 40,000 clients. He integrates a holistic approach tapping into dimensions of life experiences from past and present that are lodged in one’s being. His gift is listening and simplicity. Bart says, “I work with everything and my approach is based on principles which interface with the martial arts, Chinese medicine, Western medicine, neuro muscular and feedback learning methods. I have so much appreciation to all who walked before me, the physical intelligence we have and life in general is Amazing! I know that it is possible to create and recreate new, improved realities and physical bodies. That we don’t have to know what or how or even believe, we can set our intention and feel our own guidance becoming our own authority and best friend. I have done this for myself recovering from 3 major injuries straightening out my life after traumas and reactions had me living to survive, not thrive. Nothing pleases me more then to share my experience, curiosity about you and my vision.”

He brings an array of technologies from many master teachers around the world and has interwoven their teachings and his experiences in the tapestry of his work. He has a deep love and respect of people, plants and animals. He now lives in rural Sweden with his family.

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