Internationally renowned Shamanic Healer, with 44 years in Martial Arts and 30 years in the Healing Arts, Bart Smyth holds the titles, Master Practitioner/Instructor of The Yuen Method (since 1996), Medicine man ordained by the Shipibo tribe in Peru, Grand Master of Tai Chi, QiGong, and is certified in Thai Shiatsu, Hansa Shiatsu, Massage, Reiki, Abayanga Massage and Neuro Muscular Movement. He combines and blends these technologies fulfilling a wide range of client issues. Bart has assisted well over 40,000 people worldwide in clearing chronic and debilitating conditions as well as coaching and consulting. His mastery is in simplicity combined with timing, intuitive guidances and the ability to give clear feedback.



As an energy medicine research scientist, I have experienced many types of healing modalities. I have had serious brain injuries over the years from accidents and have noticed a decline in my ability to focus. I did before and after tests to evaluate Bart’s work with me, one of which was a Clear Mind Center neuro feedback map.

Within several sessions, results showed 34% overall improvement in brain function with eyes open. Several areas of my brain that were overactive were slowed down. I noticed improvements in clarity, energy and focus. My chronic TMJ completely resolved and my balance increased from 0 seconds on one foot to 6 seconds with eyes closed. My restless sleeping patterns improved 80% and my vision improved 1 line on the eye chart. Of the many modalities I have experienced over 2 decades, I find Bart’s work to be one of the most impressive and quickest to make sustained improvements. He has definitely been instrumental in helping me improve my mental abilities.

Lisa Tully, PhD, Founder Energy Medicine Research Institute, Boulder, CO


A personal session with Bart or for one of your beloved animals or pets (whether remotely or in person) is a holistic approach reaching deep into the roots of the issues to heal them at their source, bringing blessings and gifts for everyone involved. …

(Private Sessions)

Group Healing Sessions

These are fun and produce quite profound shifts as Bart taps into the groups unconscious and subconscious minds finding limiting beliefs & attachments to help begin to restore you to health at all levels.

(Healing Circles)


FALL 2016
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I am a retired litigation paralegal and currently work as a radio show host and journalist wherein I focus on cutting edge science and alternative medicine. I am by nature very skeptical and rely heavily on factual based research in my work. I was recently introduced to Bart Smyth and attended one of his healing circles.

Bart instructed each person to choose some issue that they would like to be better. Since the mid 90s, I have had a severe, chronic pain and stiffness on the right side of my neck. I have been to multiple chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists and acupuncturists in an attempt to get relief to no avail. Within 24 hours after Bart’s healing circle, my necked popped, released and I had about 75% increase in neck movement. I am absolutely amazed. Though I am open minded, typically, my nature would be to explain away the invisible for such a physiological result. In this case, I simply cannot do so. I have no other reason than for Bart’s healing work to account for my profound relief.

Eva Herr… Author, BBS radio show host, Alternative Holistic Counselor, Medical Intuitive